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About Longrun software

Longrun Software is a leading software development company that deals in creating innovative software solutions catering to wide range of IT services. Founded in 2011 by a group of young and dynamic entrepreneurs, the company has established itself as a name to reckon within a span of just few years. It has a team of highly professional and trained technicians that are dedicated to create powerful and innovative tools. Since its establishment, Longrun Software has been constantly creating and upgrading advanced and innovative software programs that help users in making their computer faster, more secure and highly performing.

The Only way to succeed is by client satisfaction and nothing else.


The main objective of our company is to build a reliable and trustable software development brand that provide affordable and high quality IT solutions to the users. Our products are created in such a manner that they will cater all types of needs of the users and help them in their personal and professional life. Since our incorporation, we have been working with various midsized and large companies and developing software programs for them based on their requirement. Companies and clients prefer working with us due to our high work ethics and dedication to impart best quality IT solutions to our customers.